Delaware Christian Academy was established in 1993 as a ministry of Delaware Christian Church. We are a non-profit organization that is licensed by the state of Ohio’s Department of Job and Family Services. Delaware Christian Academy is a Full and Part-time Preschool/Childcare center organized for the purpose of ministering to the people of the community and their needs by providing a safe, loving, educational, and Christian environment for their children. We offer a teacher guided thematic curriculum with age appropriate activities including daily Bible stories. Your child’s gross motor skills are enhanced on our spacious playground as well as the indoor gymnasium.

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Your child will participate in “hands on”
experiences helping them grow:
SOCIALLY Encourage each child to play and converse with an attitude of kindness, cooperation, and helpfulness towards others
PHYSICALLY Develop and improve each child’s fine motor and gross motor skills and abilities
MENTALLY Stimulate each child’s interest in learning by being creative and flexible with “hands-on” experiences as a primary teaching tool
EMOTIONALLY Develop in each child a confidence of their self worth and uniqueness
SPIRITUALLY Direct each child in the knowledge of God’s love, care, and concern for them; teaching always Biblical truths of His love, power, creation, and goodness, through His Son, Jesus Christ