The best daycare in Delaware! -Erin
“The foundation of a child’s education begins with the first step into their first school. For my family of 7 children, we chose a Christ-centered beginning that gives a well rounded welcome, caring and consistent expectations of high moral standards and where hugs and affection can be given for difficult moments as they grow in their first educational years. DCA represents 100% of these qualities and that’s why we chose DCA.”
“After visiting 3 other preschools -NONE- and i honestly mean none of the other preschools can even compare to DCA. From the facility, the employees, and the security, DCA is above all others in these areas! So happy with DCA- this is our 3rd year here.”
“We feel truly blessed to have found childcare at DCA! We are confident DCA is the best environment for our daughter to learn and grow and we appreciate the love and care the teachers and staff give every day.”
“I couldn’t ask for anything more from DCA.  My experience has been nothing shy of amazing. I have a four-year-old daughter who attends the full-time program and she absolutely loves it!  DCA offers a lot of fun learning activities, a friendly staff, and a clean, safe environment. DCA is hands down the best!”
 “The moment my husband and I walked in the door of DCA back in 2015 we knew it was the place for our daughter. From the teachers, to the painted walls we knew she would love it. Granted I was scared out of mind but when she sat down that morning to eat her cereal and told me “Goodbye” I felt joy she was so excited. She learned SO much in her time there, she met so many friends. The staff have always been amazing, even the days my daughter was not the best behaved. They always worked with us on getting her to the next step and ready for Kindergarten. So there was not a question in our minds when our son was 18 months old we were sending him there the day we were able to.”
– Melissa
It is such a blessing to us that we have been part of the DCA family for the past four years. There are not enough words to express our gratitude and trust we have with the DCA program and staff. The program is one of its own with structure and education; academically and biblically. We are so thankful that God has prepared such a wonderful school with loving and caring teachers and helpful staff. Our children enjoy going to DCA every day to spend time with their friends, see their favorite teachers, and enjoy the fun and exciting planned events. We can see that God is changing their hearts through the work that you guys have done to inspire them. 
-Amber Shonebarger
We feel very blessed and fortunate to have had the opportunity for our girls to attend DCA. It was a great experience from day one. The entire staff at DCA was very caring and compassionate. We really liked that it is a curriculum-based daycare while in a Christian setting. Our oldest daughter has started kindergarten, and we feel that she is very prepared to succeed.